Learn How to Increase Resilience and Support Wellbeing


"Everybody can increase their resilience..." (Dr Maureen Gaffney)

   "So what you focus on, aspire to and practise will make a difference ..." (Professor Paul Gilbert)



"I am passionate about sharing resources that help people to flourish and achieve their true potential..." 


Shara shares accessible, practical and evidence based educational resources to support people as they journey through life, helping individuals to understand an integrative model of wellbeing and how specific skills (and practice of these skills) better foster our capacity for determination, optimism and sustained resilience. Resilience and wellbeing skills can be taught, learnt and practised across the entire life span creating new opportunities for hope and positive change. 


Areas of exploration include: 


Living with balance through mindfulness
The pathway of resilience
The role of self-kindness
Realistic optimism: finding new meaning

The power of flexible thinking 
The 3 C's: Courage, Compassion and Change

Life projects and life purpose: a value based path
Managing stress and motivation
Positive self-worth






"May I be kind to myself in this moment. May I give myself the compassion I need..."

 Dr Kristin Neff,  Associate Professor

University of Texas



This is an educational and information sharing service and is not intended to replace guidance from your GP/health specialist